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# 3d printed

# recyclable

# durable




every year several million new tennis balls are produced worldwide, most of which are shipped from asia. this generates more than 20,000 tons of rubber waste because the conventional ball is made of a non-recyclable composite material. combained with a short service life, waste is a problem.





loop is a recyclable 3d printed tennis ball that is printed on site, which avoids long transport routes and saves resources. the ball is printed in one piece and has a long life span due to its construction. all the material can be recycled to make another ball. the ball is recycled again and again over a long period of time in a closed cycle that reduces waste.

the precise regularity of its construction due to the additive manufacturing process has a positive effect on the overall bounce, flight and impact behaviour. its surface texture provides the ball with a solid grip. its non-pneumatic configuration eliminates any pressure loss that could affect its characteristics. loop sets a new trend for the sport of tennis!





the tennis balls are held together by a material-saving packaging that also comes from the 3d printer. the balls are held securily and can be transported safely.

the special feature of this packaging is that it is made of recycled nylon tennis strings. these are an ideal material due to their high strength and light elasticity.

the balls can be removed from the lying or standing packaging quickly and easily.



acting sensibly and using fewer resources to achieve more with less. waste prevention comes before recycling.

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