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xit ladder.


a fire rescue ladder that can save lives in the event of a catastrophe. when escape routes such as staircases are blocked by fire or toxic gases, XIT ladder is a lifesaver for the whole family. in every household of a multi-storey house, at least one fire escape ladder should be available as a preventive measure.


only a few seconds are needed to fix and lower the ladder. with an integrated strap system it can be fixed to the balcony railing or other suitable objects in a room. to secure the ladder, a carabiner is hooked into one of four existing eyelets. this enables the use of the device with different lengths.





the material and shape guarantee the user stable footing, good grip and safe descent. a special feature is the concept of three straps, which are routed through the metal rungs. at the top end of the ladder the straps are joined together securely and without any break. the construction offers excellent static stability. the configuration prevents slipping and entanglement. the choice of materials results in a light, compact and safe product.

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